How does Yoga Quest work?
Yoga Quest is a fun yoga challenge using Cosmic Kids yoga adventures. Print out your free maps and check off the yoga adventures!
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How do I get the free maps?

Put in your email, then we'll send you an email with a link to download them.

Or if you are an app subscriber, just search Yoga Quest in the search button and you’ll find a handy playlist with all the maps, videos and activity pack.

How do I find the videos?

If you subscribe to our app, you can watch them all ad-free here.

If you are viewing on YouTube, go here.

What are those funny squares in the corner of the maps?

Those are QR codes. Open your phone camera over the QR code so that it's clearly visible within your phone's screen and a link will pop up to take you to our playlist on YouTube!

What is the age range for the Cosmic Kids Yoga Quest?

Kids ranging from 3-13! And if you want to join in, you can!

Is there a specific order that you need to follow?

The flow is intended to go in the following order: Shark’s Bay → Desert Gorge → Rumbly Jungle → Winter Wonderland → Party Town. However, if you feel so inclined to create your own path, go right ahead!

When do I give out the certificate?

When your yogi has checked off all the adventures!

How many maps are there?

6 total. The overall Yoga Quest Map, showing all the lands, and 5 individual land maps showing the adventures to check off.

How many yoga adventures are in each land?

3-5 yoga adventures on each map - totalling 20.

Do I need to print the maps on color?

We recommend it! They look great on the wall.

Can I talk about this on social media?

Jaime’s looking out for this! Please just tag it #CosmicKidsYogaQuest so we can find it!

Are there any special activity sheets?

Yes! They're available on our Shop here, and they're free to all subscribers to the app on the playlist.

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