Videos tend to be big files, so for Jaime to see your video, it needs to be uploaded somewhere she can see it. If you can, go somewhere with the fastest upload speeds available, otherwise it will take many hours. 

There are three ways to do this.

  1. Send Jaime your video privately via Dropbox - Upload the video to this link, and only Jaime will see it. She gets a notification when you do this, and will look at it as soon as I can. Generally Jaime gets back with feedback within two weeks, but it's sensible to allow 2-4 weeks.

  2.  Share it with Jaime and the lovely supportive community on Cosmic Kids Campus  - Once you're on Cosmic Kids Campus, click ‘Add photo/video’, then select your file to upload.

  3. Or create a YouTube channel, and then upload your video. You may have to do this in two parts if it's longer than 15 minutes, then email Jaime the links to your videos. Use the email address which Jaime used in the welcome email for the training. NB Make sure that you set your video(s) to be 'unlisted' rather than private which means I will be able to view them!

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