Graduates of our training can say they have trained with Cosmic Kids, and that they deliver Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventures in their classes. They can not say they are Cosmic Kids - they must use their own business name and branding - and they can not say that their classes are Cosmic Kids. They are also not permitted to imply any commercial relationship with Cosmic Kids. 

To help clearly describe and support our relationships, full graduates get a certificate and a badge that they can use on their website and marketing:

We have considered making Cosmic Kids a franchise and have decided against it for now. We want graduates of our training to be free. We hope that they will go on to develop kids yoga around the world in ways which work for them and the kids in their area.

We hope that by offering excellent training and resources and insisting that they create their own brands, we give graduates the freedom to create something special to them, and we see more teachers spreading kids yoga around the world in a sustainable way.

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