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I bought a bundle of yoga lesson plans but they haven't shown up!

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Sorry! We will make sure you get your class plans. 

The first thing to do is check your spam inbox. 

When you buy a classplan or classplan bundle an email with a download link is immediately sent to the address you typed in when you purchased. The email will arrive within a couple of minutes and looks like this:

If an email hasn't turned up, please check your spam/junk inbox! It's probably in there. If it's not, we will have to help you - please email us on [email protected]

One possibility is there was an error in the email address you gave us when you made the purchase, so the email bounced back. 

If your class plans aren’t in your spam/junk inbox, please tell us the email you were expecting the class plan to come to and we will check it against our recent purchases. If we discover that your email was inputted incorrectly (it's easy to do!) we will forward the class plan to you. 

Either way, thank you for your patience. We'll get you your class plans so you can get on with teaching kids yoga. 😀Thanks!

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