To graduate with full certification from Cosmic Kids, students are required to send in a video of them teaching a class for Jaime to appraise and give feedback to. 

Jaime sends one-to-one video feedback on every video and evaluates it based on a range of criteria. Assuming you hit the level required (and with a bit of practice most people do) - we send a personalised certificate. You can show this to schools and insurers to prove that you’ve passed our training. Our certification will help you get professional liability insurance, as this is what kids yoga teachers need to be able to teach in most schools and venues.

The video appraisal is the final step in the training. We offer the script for it in the training, and Jaime coaches students how to do it well in the online content. 

It’s up to you whether you film yours with kids in the room or on your own (though we recommend you at least practise with kids in the room because you get genuine interaction that way!) You can use any camera (even your phone) to do the filming, just so long as Jaime can hear you and see what you’re doing! You can even do it in a language other than English if you prefer.

Beyond the final appraisal, there are also many quizzes built in to the course, and some recommended practice to do. 

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