Our training is online so we have taken the certification process extremely seriously. To our knowledge, every graduate of our training has been able to get insurance.

Professional liability insurance covers you for things like someone in your care hurting themselves, or for being sued by someone for something you did in your professional capacity. Generally it comes with some requirements - that you register your students properly and ask their parents to sign a disclaimer. It fundamentally represents that you are taking responsibility for the kids while you’re teaching them - so the school or venue isn’t liable. 

We’ve never heard of any kids yoga teachers making a claim on their professional liability insurance - so for an insurance company they are very low risk. Annual premiums for this kind of insurance are only about $100 to $150 though so they don’t get THAT excited about it - so when you apply for cover, you have to do a bit of reassuring to the insurance company that you’ve done good training and that you know your stuff. 

Finding insurance after doing our online course is your responsibility but you are not alone. Our online Facebook community of more than 2000 students and teachers of kids yoga may be able to help you. You will also find insurers easily by doing internet searches. We have found specialist insurers (for teachers and fitness professionals) are most likely to cover you - especially if you talk them through the training and the appraisal process. 

If you are looking to find insurance for teaching kids yoga, here is a list of insurance companies (by country) who have given cover to graduates of our online program:

Wellbeing Insurance (Formerly DSC-Strand/Yogalink)
This insurance company have officially underwritten our course and will be able to offer cover to all UK graduates.
BGi UK Insurance and Risk Management



Other Countries
If your country isn't listed here, don't worry - you will still be able to get cover. We have teachers from all over the world who have done our training and are now teaching professionally. Our Facebook group of students has over 2000 members now - students regularly swap recommendations for the best insurers.

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